Business Advisory

  • Do you feel you are working more hours for less reward than before you owned your own business?

  • Do you compare yourself with other businesses and wonder why they seem to be booming while you are struggling?

  • Are you often confused by aspects of running your own business?

  • Do you look at your financial reports and wonder what use they are? Or worse still – don’t look at them at all?

  • Do you wish you had someone to lead you through the business jungle?

If you do, you are not alone. These are things we hear from our new clients on a regular basis. If you wanted to learn to be an elite swimmer, would you jump in and hope for the best or would you find someone to teach you the basics? Many people are prepared to get a coach for their body but never seek help when it comes to their business which is responsible for their livelihood.

The great news is that we are here to help...

  • We help you get control of your numbers through timely, accurate financial figures. We can assist you with your bookkeeping or interact with your own bookkeeper at get the job done.

  • We help you to understand those numbers and teach you to make decisions using the information within your own financial statements

  • We help you improve those numbers with quality solutions, decisions and accountability.

Along the way we will assist you with getting clear on your vision and goals for your business and identifying and capitalising on your competitive advantage.

The goals each person has for their life and their business will vary enormously. We want to help you set and achieve those goals. For some it will be about making money. For others it is about their lifestyle. For a lot of people, they went into business to make more money, have more control of their life, to have better work life balance. Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, that has not been the reality! But we can help you turn that around.

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